Rainbow Gyre Nautical Rope Bracelet

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Rainbow Gyre Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow Nautical Rope Bracelet: A Vivid Commitment to the Seas

The Rainbow Gyre Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow Nautical Rope Bracelet is a celebration of color. This exquisitely handcrafted bracelet merges vibrant blue with fiery red and orange, and radiant yellow, each shade striking against the next, secured with a marine-grade Stainless Steel Shackle.

The Rainbow Gyre does more than make a fashion statement; it stands as a commitment to making a difference. With our partnership with CleanHub, we ensure that your purchase removes a pound of plastic from the planet, benefiting our air, our land, and our precious aquatic ecosystems.

The Rainbow Gyre bracelet is a testament to bold style and proactive ocean conservation.


Limited Edition – Only 100 Made!
Marine-Grade Materials
Authentic Whipping
Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle

Size: 7.5"
Color: Blue,Red,Orange,Yellow

Your purchase removes 1 lb of plastic waste from the environment.

Verified by CleanHub
info icon CleanHub uses technology to keep plastic out of the sea by collecting, tracking and recovering it with full transparency.