About Us

We’re a global community of artists united by a fascination with the sea and an earnest desire to save it from the damage, injuries and indifference it suffers from in this modern world. The sea casts a spell on us. We’re in love with the blue. We want to save it. And so, we pluck out what doesn’t belong, and we create. We’re the painters trying to capture crashing waves and the glassblowers inspired by marine vessels. The photographers framing sun-bleached sands, the jewelers repurposing tide-tossed treasures. Our mediums vary but we share a reverence for the vital, impermanent, and often unseen marine environments covering most of our blue planet. We source from the generosity and fury of the sea itself - salvaging storm debris, fishing nets, bone, driftwood and other gifts deposited along shores and in coves. We gather materials and visions from our nearest beaches and far-flung locales: Jamaica, the Caymans, Fiji and the islands of Greece. But always we are drawn back to the realm where water meets land, that fertile creative space. In our collective are traditional fine artists as well as experimental upcyclers dealing in plastic flotsam recycled into wearable pieces. But a shared ethos binds us - one rooted in conservation and stewardship of fragile aquatic ecosystems. We donate to research groups and sponsor local cleanups, using our creative callings for advocacy where we can. For the sea has profoundly shaped every member of this collective, and we are devoted to honoring its strange glory before the tides of time and change sweep it away.

About us