Arion Nautical Bracelet

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The Arion Nautical Rope Bracelet: Elevate Your Style with a Cause

Step into the maritime tradition with the Arion Red, White, and Navy Blue Nautical Rope Bracelet. Masterfully woven to capture the essence of the ocean, this accessory fuses the bold shades of red, the purity of white, and the depths of navy blue into a resilient rope construction that defies the ravages of both elements and time.

As you stroll along the beach or mingle at a maritime soiree, the Arion bracelet elevates your ensemble with a touch of nautical sophistication. Its robust marine-grade Stainless Steel Shackle ensures a secure fit and adds an unmistakable maritime touch.

Each purchase of the Arion bracelet also serves as a pledge to the protection of our oceans. Aligned with CleanHub, we commit to removing one pound of plastic from the planet when you purchase this special bracelet. Your purchase supports brighter air, greener land, and bluer seas! You’re helping to preserve marine life and maintain the cleanliness of our oceanic habitats for generations to follow.

Embrace this opportunity to refine your style while contributing to the health of our planet's waters. With each Arion bracelet, you answer the ocean's call—enhancing your personal style and fostering environmental stewardship.


Limited Edition – Only 100 Made!
Marine-Grade Materials
Authentic Whipping
Stainless Steel Shackle

Size: 7.5"
Color: Red and Black

Your purchase removes 1 lb of plastic waste from the environment.

Verified by CleanHub
info icon CleanHub uses technology to keep plastic out of the sea by collecting, tracking and recovering it with full transparency.